Quartz or Granite for your Kitchen Worktops?

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Both quartz and granite are popular materials in the making of modern kitchen worktops. They are ideal materials due to both their attractiveness and their durability. Quite often, buyers will decide between the two types of worktops based purely on their cost and appearance; but as functioning kitchen work surfaces, what are the main pros and cons of each material?

Granite Worktops

Granite is an extremely hardwearing surface that will stand up to a lot of wear and tear in the kitchen, yet will still maintain its appearance. It will also remain cool to the touch, even in a very warm kitchen; and this is very useful when making pastry, for example, as this will prevent it from sticking to the surface. As hygiene is very important within a kitchen environment, granite worktops also have a distinct advantage in being easy to clean.

Because the material is natural, this means that each block will have a distinctive and original pattern, some of which you may find more attractive than others, but equally, you will be able to select according to your own individual taste.

These great benefits do, however, come at a price. Granite worktops are one of the most expensive work surfaces to buy and can usually only be fitted by specialist fitters which will add to the cost. Also bear in mind that granite is a very heavy material and you may find that your kitchen units will need additional work done to them in order for them to bear the weight. If cost is not a prime factor however, granite offers a great material to give a unique look to your kitchen.

Quartz Worktops

If cost is a factor for you, as it is for many people, then quartz worktops offer a much cheaper alternative to granite; the cost being somewhere in the region of a quarter of the price. Quartz too, offers more flexibility in the finished design and colour, as it is a manufactured product, made from a mixture of quartz crystals and resin, which is used to bind the material.

Despite their cheaper price, quartz however, does still offer an extremely strong work surface almost comparable to granite, and should be more than suitable for any everyday kitchen. As quartz worktops are non porous, liquids are unable to penetrate them, which means that a good wipe down afterwards should be sufficient to maintain a good level of hygiene on your work surfaces.

Therefore if you are looking for a hard wearing work surface with an attractive natural look, then granite is the better option for you, but for a more affordable but strong worktop that is also attractive, a quartz worktop is the way to go.

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Quartz or Granite for your Kitchen Worktops?

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Quartz or Granite for your Kitchen Worktops?

This article was published on 2012/01/13